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  • Vanessa Briggs                                         8.03am



Hi Morton & Juliette

How is life in the House with Two Front Doors? Hope you're coping okay with the lockdown. I'm going slightly mad. I can't stand not seeing people. Before this happened I was hardly ever at home. I get out for a walk / run / cycle every day but it's just enough. I think there will be a major mental health situation for a lot of people after this is over. I just hope the lockdown doesn't get any tighter.

Anyway, I'll stop moaning on now. I'm sure you're all doing fine and enjoying the new addition to your beautiful family. I can't wait to meet my new great nephew (wow - that makes me sound really old).

One thing I have been doing is re-reading all the work you put in to finding my birth mother. I can't believe all that you did and will never be able to thank you enough.

Take care. See you soon - I hope!



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