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The Sawtooth Slayer

(Venator Cold Case #2)


April 2020, Twin Falls, Idaho. A serial killer is on the loose. A nameless man is kidnapping young women from their own homes, taking them out of the city to kill them before returning their bodies to random locations around the city. Detective Maria Gonzalez heads up the investigation but has very few leads to pursue. As time passes and fears rise that the killer might strike again with a fifth victim, Maria turns to Venator—an investigative genetic genealogy company—in the hope that they can identify the killer from his DNA alone before he has the chance to take yet another life. Despite her initial reticence to take on the company’s first ever live case, Madison Scott-Barnhart and her team in Salt Lake City agree to try to reveal the identity of this barbaric serial killer. In the midst of the global pandemic that has closed the Venator office and posed both personal and professional problems for Madison, time is running out on this case.

This is the second novel in the Venator Cold Case series. Although it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story, for the best experience, begin your journey with The Chester Creek Murders.

Praise for The Sawtooth Slayer

‘Gripping to the point of being un-put-downable, the core story is fascinating to anyone who enjoys crime novels, and particularly those with an interest in the use of DNA in genealogy research’

Family Tree magazine


‘Once you start reading you won’t want to stop – though that’s what I’ve come to expect from this author. Highly recommended!’



‘A heck of a romp! Exceedingly well researched and well written…the best genealogy investigation writer in the world’

The Genealogy Guys


‘You really need to grab it yesterday as it does an outstanding job of teaching you the process, but almost without you realizing because it’s all wrapped up in a ‘What happens next?’ story with interlacing plot lines and characters you’ll genuinely care about’

Megan Smolenyak


‘It was difficult to put it down. The reader will want to digest each word since the author describes in detail how the discovery process is accomplished’

Family Tree Archaeology


‘A satisfying blend of murder mystery thriller and realistic DNA-based family history research’

Waltham Forest FHS


‘Put this great book on your list of must-reads. You’ll be glad you did!’

Columbia County Historical & Genealogical Society


‘Once again, Goodwin has presented a story that combines the techniques of genealogy with all the essential elements of a good mystery’

Jefferson County NY Genealogical Society


‘Nathan Dylan Godwin’s latest novel: “The Sawtooth Slayer” is a spellbinding page-turner set during the pandemic.  The latest DNA research and genealogy techniques are unparalleled in solving this mystery.  You will feel as though you are a part of the “Venator” team in this fast passed, well-written novel’

James Winston, The Baytown Genealogy Society, Inc. 


‘Goodwin keeps you glued to the book, so you don’t want to put it down’

Wayne County Genealogical Society


‘Nathan Dylan Goodwin has given us another heart-pounding mystery. Once you dive into this case, you won’t be able to put it down’

Boulder Genealogical Society


‘It’s a must-read, especially if you’re interested in how DNA evidence is used in investigative genetic genealogy. Nathan’s writing is entertaining and informative and prompts readers to think about they can approach their own research’

Society of Australian Genealogists


‘This mystery is spellbinding to any reader, but especially to those who have an interest in genealogy’

Genealogical Society of Rockingham and Stokes Counties


‘Goodwin’s best work yet’


‘Another fantastically written page-turner from Nathan Dylan Goodwin’

Hertfordshire People

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