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Embark on a Genealogical Journey with 'The Asylum': Your Free Prelude to Nathan Dylan Goodwin Series

For fans of engrossing mysteries and history enthusiasts alike, the name Nathan Dylan Goodwin has become synonymous with the unique genre of genealogical crime. If you've yet to discover the intricate webs of his tales, here's your golden opportunity: "The Asylum," a gripping short story prequel available for free.

Why 'The Asylum' is Your Perfect Introduction:

  1. A Taste of the Series: "The Asylum" offers readers a tantalising glimpse into the world of Morton Farrier, the forensic genealogist, as he takes on a very early case in his career. It sets the tone perfectly for what's to come in "Hiding The Past," the first main novel in this captivating series.

  2. Dive into the Past: Nathan Dylan Goodwin's writing is renowned for its historically-rich landscapes. Journey back in time and immerse yourself in settings meticulously crafted from exhaustive research.

  3. Intricate Mystery: Even in this shorter format, Nathan masterfully intertwines suspense and intrigue, ensuring readers are hooked from the first page.

  4. An Invitation to a Larger World: Once you've delved into the mysteries of "The Asylum," an entire series awaits, filled with deeper mysteries, complex characters, and thrilling adventures.

For those unacquainted with Nathan Dylan Goodwin's masterful blend of history and mystery, "The Asylum" is the perfect starting point. And for the series' loyal fans, it's a delightful dip into the early days of our favourite forensic genealogist.

So, why wait? Download your free copy of "The Asylum" today and set forth on a journey that seamlessly melds the past's secrets with the present's enigmas. And remember, once you're entranced by Nathan's storytelling, a whole series beckons, promising many more hours of page-turning delight.

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