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Genealogical Crime Mysteries: The Mystery Genre Reimagined by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

When you think of genealogy, you might imagine dusty old records and family trees. But Nathan Dylan Goodwin transforms this quiet pursuit into gripping tales filled with suspense, intrigue, and real history. Here's a look at how he’s developed the genre:

  1. A Unique Protagonist: Morton Farrier isn't just another detective figure; he's a forensic genealogist. His cases don’t revolve around a crime scene in a single point in time but rather span across centuries and continents.

  2. Time-Travel with Every Chapter: Each book acts as a time capsule, transporting readers to different eras. Experience the charm of the Victorian era or the tumultuous times of the World Wars.

  3. Genealogy Beyond the Family Tree: Nathan showcases that genealogy isn't just about tracing lineage but also about uncovering long-buried secrets, historical context, and tales of love, betrayal, and courage.

Dive into a world where the past collides with the present in the most unexpected ways today.

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