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Uncover all the Hidden Layers in 'Hiding The Past' by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

After delving into the intriguing world of forensic genealogy with The Asylum, are you ready to dig deeper into Nathan Dylan Goodwin's captivating series? Hiding The Past, the first full-length novel in this riveting collection, awaits your discovery.

Why Hiding The Past is a Must-Read:

  1. A Deepening Mystery: If The Asylum whetted your appetite, next up, Hiding The Past offers a richer, more complex narrative. Join Morton Farrier as he uncovers a web of family secrets, historical conflicts, and personal discoveries.

  2. Genealogy and Crime Fiction – A Perfect Blend: Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s early expertise in genealogy shines as he weaves a tale that’s as much about understanding the past as it is about solving a mystery in the here and now (well, in 2013, to be precise).

  3. Captivating Characters: Meet a cast of well-developed characters, each with their own mysteries and stories that intersect with Morton’s investigation in quite unexpected ways.

  4. History Comes Alive: Travel through time with Morton and experience history like never before. Every chapter is a journey through the past's hidden corridors. This book relates to the #SecondWorldWar.

Exclusive Offer for Our Readers: Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this much-loved series starter. Visit Nathan Dylan Goodwin's Official Website to purchase your copy of Hiding The Past. For a limited time, use the promo code BLOGFAN2023 for a special 30% discount! The promo code expires on 5 January 2024, the twelfth night, and you can buy more than one copy, in case you want to buy some gifts!

Join the Community: Share your thoughts and theories with fellow enthusiasts! Join our online community on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #HidingThePast and #ForensicGenealogist. Make sure you tag Nathan in any posts!

Hiding The Past is not just a book; it’s an expedition into history and human nature. Whether you're a genealogy aficionado, a mystery lover, or simply a fan of well-crafted narratives, this novel promises an adventure that's both intellectually stimulating and immensely entertaining.

Hiding The Past is also available in audio and ebook formats, and in a special, ten-year-anniversary edition hardback - Grab your copy now and unravel the mysteries buried within!

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