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Unlocking the Past with Nathan Dylan Goodwin: The Essential Speaker for Your Next Genealogical Event

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Understanding our past holds a transformative power – a power that Nathan Dylan Goodwin, renowned English author and genealogical expert, brilliantly encapsulates in his talks. If you've seen his captivating lectures at THE Genealogy Show in the UK, his DNA webinars with Diahan Southard, his talk for ECGGC, met him at Rootstech, or even attended the amazing GSI Events where you get to learn hands-on, it's evident why organisations are eager to work with him.

Why Your Organisation Needs Nathan Dylan Goodwin as a Speaker:

  1. Expertise Meets Enthusiasm: Nathan doesn't just talk about genealogy – he immerses himself in it. His forensic genealogist character, Morton Farrier, stands as a testament to his profound knowledge and passion for the subject. Each of his talks marries meticulous research with enthralling narratives.

  2. Tailored Content: Recognising that every organisation has its unique requirements, Nathan offers the flexibility of crafting lectures to fit specific themes. Whether it's an in-depth exploration of book-related historical periods, techniques for genealogical research, or the interplay between real history and his fiction, he's got you covered.

  3. Engagement Like No Other: As observed at event after event, Nathan has an ability to engage his audience. His sessions aren't mere lectures – they're interactive experiences that encourage learning through participation, questions, and discussions.

  4. Boost Event Attendance: Featuring a speaker of Nathan's calibre is certain to draw more attendees. His reputation as a best-selling author and a riveting speaker now precedes him, ensuring your event is a resounding success.

  5. Educational and Entertaining: Nathan’s lectures strike the perfect balance between being informative and entertaining. Attendees leave not only with newfound knowledge but also with a reignited passion for genealogical exploration.

For genealogical organisations aiming to elevate their events, Nathan Dylan Goodwin is the answer. Delve into the mysteries of the past, captivate your audience, and guarantee the success of your next event by collaborating with one of the best and most prolific in the genealogical fiction business. Take a look at the talks on offer and then get in touch today, and let's make history together!

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