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If you have read the 'choose-your-own-adventure', Morton in Lockdown (, and enjoyed it, you can show your appreciation here by donating a tip to Nathan. Just put as many pound donations into your basket, as you would like, and then check out! This method accepts credit cards WITHOUT PayPal, also. Thank you in advance for your support! Proceeds go towards more research for Morton...


NB. Over a certain amount, the shop automatically adds postage and packaging charges as if you were buying a book, which you would need to take into account when calculating your tip. Sorry about that.

Morton in Lockdown - Tip Nathan


Buy 3, Save 15%

  • This item in the shop is not a goods or services product - it is a mechanism for you to show your appreciation for the Morton in Lockdown story, which is freely available to all from Nathan's website without obligation to pay - Therefore, returns would not be possible on these payments.

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