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The Missing Man 

(The Forensic Genealogist #6)


It was to be the most important case of Morton Farrier’s career in forensic genealogy so far. A case that had eluded him for many years: finding his own father. Harley ‘Jack’ Jacklin disappeared just six days after a fatal fire at his Cape Cod home on Christmas Eve in 1976, leaving no trace behind. Now his son, Morton must travel to the East Coast of America to unravel the family’s dark secrets in order to discover what really happened to him.


'One of the hallmarks of genealogical mystery novels is the way that they weave together multiple threads and this book is no exception, cleverly skipping across the generations - and there's also a pleasing symmetry that helps to endear us to one of the key characters...If you've read the other books in this series you won't need me to tell you to rush out and buy this one'


'Nathan Dylan Goodwin has delivered another page-turning mystery laden with forensic genealogical clues that will keep any family historian glued to the book until the mystery is solved'

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

'Nathan Dylan Goodwin has once again written a thrilling page turner in his latest book The Missing Man...Definitely a must read in the latest series of Morton Farrier, the Forensic Genealogist'

Baytown Genealogy Society

'Sometimes when you read a book you just know that the story was there to be told; it was clear in the author's mind and needed to be shared. This is one of those books. It reads easily, with realistic, interesting characters and a gripping plot'

Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory

'If you enjoy a good mystery with a family history theme, you won’t be able to put this book down'

Mid-Norfolk Family History Society


To see some of the photos / research used in the book, take a look at my Pinterest page.

Beware! Spoilers contained!


Click the red marker balloons in the map below to see some of the real locations used in The Missing Man.

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