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The Spyglass File

(The Forensic Genealogist #5)


Morton Farrier was no longer at the top of his game. His forensic genealogy career was faltering and he was refusing to accept any new cases, preferring instead to concentrate on locating his own elusive biological father. Yet, when a particular case presents itself, that of finding the family of a woman abandoned in the midst of the Battle of Britain, Morton is compelled to help her to unravel her past. Using all of his genealogical skills, he soon discovers that the case is connected to The Spyglass File—a secretive document which throws up links which threaten to disturb the wrongdoings of others, who would rather its contents, as well as their actions, remain hidden forever. 



The first page was so overwhelming that I had to stop for breath…Well, the rest of the book certainly lived up to that impressive start, with twists and turns that kept me guessing right to the end… As the story neared its conclusion I found myself conflicted, for much as I wanted to know how Morton's assignment panned out, I was enjoying it so much that I really didn’t want this book to end!


'A great read for genealogists and lovers of crime fiction'

Essex Society for Family History

If you like a good mystery, and the detective work of genealogy, this is another mystery novel from Nathan which will have you whizzing through the pages with time slipping by unnoticed

Your Family History

Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin has given students of the Second World War, and avid family historians another great genealogical read

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter


Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s latest Morton Farrier genealogical mystery deserves its five-star reviews on Amazon. A gripping story that will have you sneaking away to read just one more chapter!



Like his previous books, also set in England, this one keeps you intrigued right up to the very end… His style of weaving the past and present together is outstanding

Bay Area Genealogical Society


A really good read and a mystery which holds you to the end

The Wakefield Kidsman


To read about the true story behind The Spyglass File, take a look at my blog post: 

A selection of photographs of WAAF operators from RAF West Kingsdown can be found here.



To see some of the photos / research used in the book, take a look at my Pinterest page.


Click the red marker balloons in the map below to see some of the real locations used in The Spyglass File.

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