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The Wicked Trade

(The Forensic Genealogist #7)


When Morton Farrier is presented with a case revolving around a mysterious letter written by disreputable criminal, Ann Fothergill in 1827, he quickly finds himself delving into a shadowy Georgian underworld of smuggling and murder on the Kent and Sussex border. Morton must use his skills as a forensic genealogist to untangle Ann’s association with the notorious Aldington Gang and also with the brutal killing of Quartermaster Richard Morgan. As his research continues, Morton suspects that his client’s family might have more troubling and dangerous expectations of his findings.

This is the seventh book in the Morton Farrier genealogical crime mystery series, although it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

Research and photos used in The Wicked Trade

Click here to see some of the photos and research used in the writing of this book.

Praise for The Wicked Trade

'Once again the author has carefully built the story around real places, real people, and historical facts - and whilst the tale itself is fictional, it's so well written that you'd be forgiven for thinking it was true.'

Peter Calver, Lost Cousins

'Goodwin’s writing just gets better and better. He has the uncanny ability to take an historical story and skillfully weave it into the modern setting of a genealogical mystery. This story has suspense, intrigue, and lots of solid research without the level of personal danger in earlier books. Regular fans of Morton Farrier, his forensic genealogist character, will really enjoy learning more about Morton’s own complicated family. I must confess that I devoured the 350 pages in 24 hours.'

Napa Valley Genealogical Society 


'I can thoroughly recommend this book, which is a superior example of its genre. It is an ideal purchase for anyone with an interest in reading thrillers and in family history studies, or an ideal present for a friend or relative so inclined. I look forward to the next instalment of Morton Farrier's quest!' 

Waltham Forest FHS 

'Nathan Dylan Goodwin's latest book, The Wicked Trade and The Suffragette's Secret, is a face paced read of genealogical intrigue with a basis of actual and true historical facts laced with mystery, suspense and current daily life.  In reading Nathan's books you become Morton Farrier (forensic genealogist) in your mind as you follow his daily activities of home life and genealogical research.  The authentic historical basis of the book simply engulfs you in a time warp. A must read not to be missed.'

The Baytown Genealogical Society, Inc


Click the red marker balloons in the map below to see some of the real locations used in The Wicked Trade.

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